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Welcome to the home of Run Like A Girl, learn to run courses and lots of information on getting and keeping fit, healthy and happy!

Please Note: All our classes have now finished for 2013. However, we will be posting our Beginners programme on the site soon so you can download it and start your own groupette for free!

About Me

My name is Raedi and I love to run!

Me & my favourite running buddy Ted

I started running in college as a way to lose weight. This was my initial focus but I realised quickly that running and fitness was more about sanity than about vanity!! I was very self conscious at the start, leaving my house at the crack of dawn and running with my head down. Not a good idea in the dark, in the middle of the countryside! Initially I was disheartened by my lack of fitness but kept plodding along. I had no idea what I was doing really but I was hooked.

I loved the feeling of freedom and over the next few months my confidence grew as I tackled longer and more difficult routes. I picked up a few nasty injuries due to my lack of knowledge and experience, these sidelined me for months. However I always went back and started from scratch again, slowly building back up again. I should mention here that I am very stubborn so, in this case, it helped me greatly to not give up!! I entered races and fun runs to keep my motivation up and my family have been wonderfully supportive from the beginning.

While off running I took up cycling on the advice of the Ironman triathlete and super physio Joyce Wolfe. I joined a group who do the Tour de Munster every year, a 4 day, 600km+ charity cycle tour. I trained with them and they taught me so much and were so patient with a truly novice cyclist. You can see my account of the first Tour here http://tourdemunster.com/tdm2008_summary.html I loved it and have done it every year since!

After a few years working in the family firm as a site engineer, I decided to leave and go back to college to study gym & fitness instruction. I qualified through ITEC, along with this I completed the ACSM Personal Training and the Athletics Ireland Little Athletics cert and Level 1 Coaching cert. It’s a decision that I am so happy I made, even though it was scary at the time but it taught me to follow my instincts.

I am delighted now to be able to share my belief in the importance of an active lifestyle and its many benefits, both mental and physical, to anybody who truly wants it. I believe everybody deserves it.


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